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November 23, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Shownotes Move

Casting Pods Shownotes have moved to Blogger. This means that I can advertise and place a paypal ‘donate’ button. Please consider donating to Casting Pods if you are a regular listener and feel that it is worth supporting. Any donations made will go towards podcast hosting fees.

This site will remain active with no further posts until it becomes out of date, when older posts will be removed and only this post remain. The url mask has transferred to the Blogger site.

November 19, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods is moving again

This wordpress blog site is no longer current. All shownotes for previous episodes will remain here, but shownotes for future episodes will be posted at the all new blogger Casting Pods site. See The reasons for the move are financial – with blogger I can have a ‘donate’ button. So please go and visit and avail yourself of that button. Thanks!

November 13, 2010 / castingpods99

Episode 23 Live Stand Up Comedy at Gwdihw Cardiff

Casting Pods Show 23

Live Stand Up Comedy at Gwdihw Cardiff

(click to listen)

47.46 mins – uploaded 12/11/10

Gwdihw cafe bar in CardiffThis show features the recording of my first ever stand up comedy stint, which was part of an open mic night in the Gwdihw cafe bar in Cardiff on 9th Nov 2010. I also talk about how I rehearsed and include some outtakes from the rehearsals, and my latest knitting project the turquoise socks which are now finally finished! I mention the stitch markers I bought from Atomic Knitting, and that I’ve been listening to archives of CraftLit and Cast On.

This episode will have chapters so if you want to skip straight to the live recording, go to chapter 2. I’m planning to go back and put chapters into previous episodes as well… when I get around to it.

November 4, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Promos

After three years of podcasating I finally get around to making a promo. If you haven’t already subscribed to Casting Pods, go ahead and listen to hear if it’s the sort of thing you’d like to listen to more of!

Please feel free to play these anywhere on podcasts, blogs or elsewhere, and please let me know if you do. There are two versions of the audio, the long one is six minutes and the short one is two minutes so you shouldn’t have a need to edit.

Both have youtube videos as well as being in the audio feed, although the video portion of them is just the logo and text info.

Long Promo 6 mins audio, youtube

Short Promo 2 mins audio, youtube

October 28, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 22 Inside the Circle: Stonehenge Pagan Pilgrimage

Casting Pods Show 22

Inside the Circle: Stonehenge Pagan Pilgrimage

(click to listen)

63.35 mins – uploaded 28/10/10

This is the recording of our trip to Stonehenge at Lamas 2010, where we go inside the circle – a rare treat! This was a special booking as generally people aren’t allowed inside the circle of stones. We discuss the history and significance of Stonehenge to modern pagans and archaeologists, and I get up close and personal with the stones, describing their features with some surprises. It’s been 20 years since I was last inside the circle and the site has changed considerably.

I spent some time sketching and knitting while inside the circle. An hour is a long time! I also talk about the magical blanket I was knitting at the time and my latest knitting (socks again). View the reversible blanket project on ravelry (public link). I also mention Stash Fine Yarns so thought it a good idea to post a link to this discount yarn online shop here.

Check out the public facebook photo album of the stones, but please remember these are not for commercial use and are for private use only. If you want to download a pic for your own pleasure then you are quite welcome but please do let me know.

October 14, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 21 On Turning 40, My Lovely Gran, Monster Jam, Craftlit Cardiff Meet and the Kindle

Casting Pods Show 21

On Turning 40, My Lovely Gran, Monster Jam,
Craftlit Cardiff Meet and the Kindle

(click to listen)

64.51 mins – uploaded 14/10/10

Podcast image - me and my granThis podcast episode was recorded mainly on my 40th birthday 10-10-10, where I ramble on about all the exciting things that have been happening in my life and also the stressful things. The yarns I mention are King Becky’s and Jelliebean Yarns, both of which are available on Etsy. I was interviewed on BBC Wales Radio, a phone-in show discussion on gays in the media, my lovely Gran died and her funeral was the day before my birthday.

Lots of ups and downs this week. The craftlit meet up was excellent and I met Heather Ordover, Brenda Dayne and many others, so I talk about this as well. My birthday was fantastic, I had a Kindle which I’ve been playing with! So it’s quite an emotional up and down sort of episode. Also, I’ve signed up as a voice actor for the QN podcast so will be appearing on there over the next few months. **Update the Scottish Lass is now live. I play a homeless woman in Toronto, listen out for more**

This one has an explicit label not because there is any particularly adult content, but due to there being some swearing in there. When I’m agitated I tend to use the ‘f’ word more than I probably should. I cut a lot of them out, but some had to stay in for the narrative to work.

These are the gloves I was referring to in the podcast.

Here’s a pic of me with the kindle.

And a close up of the kindle with my signet ring, also a 40th birthday present.

And…. here’s the Monster Jam video – best to watch it with the sound on low!!

September 9, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 20 The Naked Book Event

Casting Pods Show 20

The Naked Book Event

(click to listen)

69.36 mins – uploaded 09/09/10

This show features the full text reading of my story Dear which was published in the Legend anthology 10 Journeys earlier this year. I modelled nude for the Cardiff Life Model Collective as part of a series of ‘performance’ modelling sessions which was very exciting.

Photo of me posing in the yurt in MilgiThere won’t be a youtube video of this, as I’m sure you’ll understand, but there are some photos of my poses and the artwork, on my facebook album here

Also mentioned is my latest appearance on the QN Podcast Day in Audio, on 8th September.

Check out the Casting Pods youtube channel for videos of book events as well as my general travel videos and my son’s puppet shows!

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