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June 14, 2010 / castingpods99

Transferral of Podcast Show Notes

Casting Pods – Lesbian Mother Writing Life

This blog will be used for the show notes for the Casting Pods podcast, currently available at I am transferring the show notes that now exist on a static site to the blog and when that’s all done, I’ll be pointing the url to this site. This will make uploading show notes for future episodes a lot less tedious and time-consuming. I hope!

I’m transfering them in order so that it will all make sense to future listeners and browsers. While I do this, episodes will exist in both places as I won’t delete the original site until I’ve made the complete transfer. If you want to listen to the latest episodes, or to see any show notes that are not yet here, go to If you are already at then the transition has succeeded and it’s already the future. Well done you fabulous time-travelling person and say hello to the Doctor for me.

I have several other blogs which might interest you, all of which can be found from my main website

Casting Pods is podcasting on the edge. Well, close to the corner, or maybe a bit round the bend. Anyway, it’s me, Josie, talking about my life and stuff, playing my music and laughing with my son, my dog and taking the pee out of everything. I’m a blog-o-maniac, an internet freak and also some other rather ordinary things. If you’re a mother, a cat-owner, a dog-owner, a lesbian, a writer, a reader, an artist, a TV watcher, a geek, a joker or anyone with a pulse, then there’ll be something in my show for you. So come along and have a listen.

This show started out as an audio blog and travelogue but has progressed into ‘how I got my publishing contract’. My novel Silence published July 2008 and the most recent shows outline how this came about. For more information about this novel and my other writing, see my main website at

I would rate the show as a PG in that it has mature content but is not explicit. But then it depends on your perception of the world. If you consider the words LESBIAN or FEMINIST or ANTI-WAR to be explicit and not fit for the ears of vulnerable youngsters with malleable minds, then you go ahead and feed them your own propaganda instead. They’ll make up their own minds when they’re older anyway.


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