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June 16, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 1 Bad Jokes Barking Dogs n Undercooked Fish Fingers

Show #1 – Bad Jokes Barking Dogs and Undercooked Fish Fingers Click the title to listen while you read.

36:57 mins – uploaded 27/06/07

This is my first show so let me know what you think. There is some music on it and some laughing. Lots of talking, funny stuff and serious. An introduction to me. This is the first podcast I ever did and probably the most ameteur!

Keywords: comedy, mother, mom, lesbian, life, singing, music, jokes, feminist, dyke, gay, lgbt, fish

Show #1 – Bad Jokes Barking Dogs and Undercooked Fish Fingers Click the title to listen while you read.
Time Stamp Hello, hello, hello, can anyone hear me? Hello. // //
0:05-0:09 [Music – Fastbeat]Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Casting Pods. I’m Josie Henley-Einion and I’ll be your host today. That’s Einion, Ei ni on. Not too difficult, but I do understand that some people have problems with Welsh. Einion means anvil but I’m not proposing that anyone hits me, though if you want to have a go then you’re welcome to try. Please be aware that I’m an orange belt in karate.
0:43-0:49 [Music – Fastbeat]Some of you might know me from my blog – Josie’s Globs of Wisdom, some of you may know me from various online writing forums or seen something I’ve written in a magazine or book, or one of my broadcasts. Well, I may even get a few family members listening in, you never know.

So, why call the show ‘Casting Pods’? I had various ideas for what to call the show, but each one of them indicated a particular theme, which isn’t what I wanted. I have always been opinionated, and I’ve got so many interests that this podcast really is in the spirit of blogging and is just about the interconnectedness of Life the Universe and Everything, and a nod to Douglas Adams for that one.

So, yes I’m a writer, and yes I’m a lesbian, and I’m a mother and a computer geek too. But this isn’t going to be a podcast specifically about writing, or about being a lesbian, or about kids or computers. There are plenty of those already. This is just a podcast about all of them and more, about everything that is me really. I was trying to think of a catchy title, and thinking, podcast, podcast what rhymes with podcast. What fits in with the idea of a pod and a cast? I thought Peasinapod, and then I googled that and found it was already done. I thought The Caste of Pod? Neh, too intellectual-sounding. So I came up with Casting Pods, and the idea of the fish taking the bait. I googled that phrase as well and it looks like it’s something that people use but there is no specific ‘Casting Pods’ site, so I’ve nabbed it now, thanks. If you’re not already there, check out

2:44-3:04 [Music – Short Riff]If anyone is wondering by the way, the music on my show is all made by me, that’s another thing that I like to do. I’m not saying I’m any good at it but I like to fiddle around with stuff and I think it sounds pretty cool so I thought I’d put it up here. I don’t sing, I don’t play any instruments, but I do like to do a bit of [dumbeat] and by that I mean that I like to mix, like I’m a DJ. Though these days you don’t even need discs (that’s what DJ stands for Disc Jockey in case anyone is too young to know that) these days you can do it all with the computer. It’s fab. All you need to be a musical genius is to be able to click the mouse. Mm-hmm.
3:46-4:12 [Music – New Tune]What will be on this show will be me casting ideas out into the great ocean of the weborama and seeing what happens. Will anyone take the bait, get hooked, or will it fall flat? Who knows? If nothing happens with it then I haven’t lost anything, except perhaps a bit of pride but I’m used to that. I’ll just go back to writing for other people’s broadcasts and hiding behind animations.

But if it takes off, then hey, there’s another string to my bow. So I’m going to give you a little introduction to who I am and the sort of things I might be talking about on the show. Feel free to tune out at any time, I’m not going to be offended. In fact I won’t even know so you’re safe.

4.54 A mini-biography to start off with. I was born a Brummie, but escaped at a young age, though people do say that I’ve got a bit of an accent. Probably the strongest influence on my accent would be a village in North Warwickshire called Polesworth, which was a crap place for me growing up but amazingly has become a beautiful heart of England type of village, where people pay half a mil for a crap house, no joke. And no-one is more amazed than the people who lived there, even when they’re laughing all the way to the bank. I had a crap time at school, mainly because I was too clever, but also I’ll admit that I was arrogant and stubborn. These are attributes that are quite useful as an adult, but unfortunate in a child. At least in the seventies. Children have a lot more rights these days.I grew up being told I was going to fail because of my attitude, and have proved everyone wrong because it is my attitude that has made me successful. I have always been uncompromising about my opinions and desires, and have never tried to fit into any ‘norm’. As a child I was hyperactive which led to problems in school, but as an adult my hyperactive nature is very useful as I get a lot done, although not always in the expected order. I have a lovely, long-suffering partner, who is also a writer, a wonderful talented son, a dog, two cats, an internet habit and several rooms full of books.

I’m currently living in Cardiff, in Wales, and yes I do speak Welsh, but I’m not likely to slip into it during this podcast so don’t panic. I’m planning a separate podcast in Welsh, which won’t be a literal translation of this one by any means so any Welsh speakers and especially Welsh learners are welcome to listen to both. I’m a computer programmer by profession and I’m also a lot of other things, which you’ll find out if you keep on listening.

6:47-7:44 [Music – Clubsound]I always fancied being a stand up comedian. You know, as a kid people laughed at me a lot and they still do, even when I’m not trying to be funny. It’s just the way I am. I’m a funny person, when I’m angry I get funny about the things I’m angry about. And there’s a lot to get angry about in the world today. So this is the ideal sort of person, you would think, to do stand up comedy. But now I’m starting to think I’ve missed the boat. I’m tired of standing up. I’ve been standing up all my life. I stand up for my rights, I stand up to people who are trying to put me down. I stand up for other people who can’t stand up for themselves. So yeah, I’m a bit tired. I’m older and crankier now and I’m just fed up of standing up. My feet hurt, I’m not as fast as I used to be, I need to take regular breaks to go to the toilet, and don’t get me started on my incontinence problem. I like to sit at home with my feet up. I’m just not as with it as I used to be. The brain still works, but it’s like an old car that needs to warm up before it can really get going.
8:54 So I reckoned I should try some sit down comedy. I sit here comfortably in my own home, writing stuff and emailing it out to people. Then other people record it and broadcast. Younger, sexier, more camera-friendly people than me, obviously, who can do the jumping up and down and indignant expressions to go with my words, while my name scrolls across the screen in the credits which is very gratifying for me. It’s excellent in fact and I love to see my name in lights. But there’s still something that I need from this, some sort of attention that I crave. It’s my name there alright but I still feel disconnected from it somehow. Enter the podcast. What better way to perform sit down comedy than on a podcast like this? I sit comfortably in my own home, reading out from a script that I’ve prepared earlier. Yes it is a script, okay this is the paper rustling just to prove that I do have a script. Now I’ve got to unfold it again so that I can read what it says. And talking into a karaoke style microphone. If it doesn’t work I can rerecord and edit it later. If I suddenly get a coughing fit I can switch it off, start again. Perfect. That’s the idea anyway, whether it works or not is another thing.
10:20 No, it’s not a live show and I don’t get the nervous edgy energy that I would potentially get from performing stand up, but also I don’t get the hecklers, the sudden brain freeze, the panicked rabbit-in-the-headlights look that I might also potentially get if I was shoved onto the stage. Writing is much easier, I think, than improvised performing, if I’m on stage, there’s no right-click for the thesaurus for instance. There’s no going back and changing that word because it’s not quite right. There’s no cutting and pasting. And well, do I rely on cut and paste! I live a cut and paste life, let me tell you. Cut and paste are my two best friends. If it weren’t for them then I wouldn’t be half as productive as I am.
11:00 So today I’ve gone on a bit in my introduction and haven’t got much room left for the show. But I’m going to introduce you to my family. There’s my lovely lover Alys, who doesn’t want to be recorded because she thinks it’s all a waste of time, but I might be able to get her to say hello. There’s our boy, who’s eight years old and is my inspiration for a lot of my creativity, and I might be able to record us playing later so that’s a treat for you to look forward to. Then there are my animals. Mika is my dog and she’s barmy but lovely. We’ve got two cats who hate each other. Kit is an old grouchy man and Hermione is a crazy vicious young woman, and you’ll probably be hearing a fair amount about them as well. You may even begin to hear them in the background.We’re doing a lot of this summer that I’ll probably be talking about. Going to Paris in July for a choir trip. I can’t sing at all but my son is spectacular and he’s a chorister in the cathedral. He’s going to be performing in Notre Dame which is just amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and see Notre Dame and the idea that the first time I’ll see the place will be watching my son perform a concert is very exciting. I’m going to have to take a lot of hankies because I know I’ll be crying. I doubt if I’ll get permission to record the concert but I can hopefully interview some of the choristers and their parents for my show. We’re also going to Disneyland while we’re there, which I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about.
12:28 Then in August we’re going to Egypt to see the pyramids, that’s just a holiday for me but it’ll be research for Alys for her book. That’s another place I’ve always wanted to go. So it’s an amazing life I have and I’m truly blessed. I have Alys to thank for much of this, because she has supported me in my writing, boosted my confidence and enabled me to pursue a lot of my dreams. Plus she’s paying for the holiday. She is just a fabulous woman all round, really.Tonight we’re waiting up till midnight because we have to go and pick up our boy from school. He’s in Birmingham singing with the Welsh National Opera. The choristers get invited to do gigs like this sometimes and they manage to fit it in around their other commitments. They’ve got the morning off school tomorrow thank goodness. They’ve sung this opera – The Damnation of Faust – twice already in the Millennium Centre here in Cardiff. We got tickets to see it and it was fab. My first ever opera. My favourite bit was when they descended into hell, lots of crash banging. I was glad of the translation, though, because my French is not so good as you’ll find out when we’re in Paris. He was so funny the other day when I reminded him he’d be going to Birmingham and he said ‘what are we going to be singing?’ I said, well the Damnation of Faust of course, the same thing you sang last time, and he said ‘what the same thing again! But we’ve already done that twice! oh-oh!’ Yes darling, this is what it’s like when you go on tour, haha. I told him he should be glad he’s not a pop star who gets asked to sing the same old bloody song every time he goes on stage.

Tomorrow morning we’ll have a bit of a relaxing time I hope. Maybe take the dog to the park, do a bit of playing, watch a bit of TV, that sort of thing. And hopefully I’ll do a bit of recording. And you’ll get a window into my world, which might help you decide whether you want to continue listening. I hope you will.

// //
14:16-14:44 [Music New Tune]J: Mika. Where’s your ball? Say something, say something. Don’t want to say anything! Come on, say something, talk to me, Mika. Come on, no? No? Talk to me. Don’t just lick me, talk to me. Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me. Mika, come and see your ball, where’s your ball? Where’s your ball? Where’s your ball? What’s this? What’s this? Ah, see, what’s this? What’s this? Yeah? Yeah? Talk to me, come on. Where’s your ball? Where’s your ball? Are you going to chase it? Are you going to chase it? Are you? Are you going to chase it? Come on then, come on then.

M:Woof, woof.

J: Ah ha ha, I got you. I got you, I got you. Come on then. Bring it back. There you go. Meeks

M: Woof, woof.

J: Hello, hello. Where are you? Hello. Thank-you.

M: Woof, woof, woof.

J: Yeah? Yeah, yeah, yeah? Come on then. Oh, Mika what’s wrong? Meeks, Mika? Get the ball. Fetch the ball Mika! Fetch the ball, what’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with the ball? Mika fetch the ball. Mika, I am the human, you are the dog. I throw the ball, you fetch it. Fetch the ball, go on. Mika. Okay, I am now fetching the ball. I have now become the dog. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with the ball.

M: Woof, woof.

J: Why couldn’t you fetch it yourself? Oh for gods’ sake.

M: Woof, woof.

J: Right, this time fetch. Are you going to fetch? Eh, are you going to fetch? Go on. Thank-you, come on bring it back, bring it back. Good girl. Good girl, good girl, ha ha ha. Come on then, give it to me. No, what are you doing, taking it over there? Look, I am the human, you are the dog. I throw the ball, you fetch the ball. Okay? Okay? If you’re going to go and take the ball away and hide it somewhere, then, that means, that I’m not going to play with you, okay? Okay? Yeah, go on then, go fetch!

17:53-18:00 [Music – Fastbeat]J: Say something, into the microphone. Say hello. Say something!

B: Hello! What type of cats go bowling?

J: I don’t know, what type of cats go bowling?

B: Alley cats! Now you see it, now you don’t. Now you see it, now you don’t. What is it? A black cat on a zebra crossing.

J: Ha ha ha. Right, what jokes are they?

B: They’re… well this one’s a cats one.

J: Okay.

B: Where do cats go for a school excursion?

J: I don’t know, where do cats go for a school excursion?

B: A museum.

J: Argh, mew?

B: Yeah.

J: What about the bee ones? Shall we do some bee ones? Because I thought, I thought the bee ones were funny.

B: Yeah, I’ll find the bee ones. They’re before…

J: They’re bee-fore, are they?

B: Yeah, they’re bee-fore.

J: Here’s a bee, here’s a bee.

B: What do bees wear to work?

J: I don’t know, what do bees wear to work?

B: Buzz-ness suits.

J: Ha ha ha ha ha.

B: Where did Noah keep the bees?

J: I don’t know, where did Noah keep the bees?

B: In the ark-hives.

J: Ha ha ha ha ha.

B: What’s bright orange and sounds like a carrot?

J: I don’t know, what’s bright orange and sounds like a carrot?

B: A carrot.

J: Ha ha, oh, that’s not a bee joke. Was that just your made up joke?

B: Why did the viper vipe her nose?

J: Because the adder ad a tissue?

B: Because the adder ad a ankercheif.

J: Ah, see I got it, I got it!

B: But you didn’t get that handkerchief one.

J: No, I didn’t say handkerchief, I said tissue. But, you know, I got the joke.

B: Yeah, whatever. Why do elephants have trunks?

J: Um, because…

B: Because they can’t fit everything into a handbag.

J: Oh god.

B: Where do elephants go on holiday?

J: Erm…

B: Tuscany!

J: Tusk, oh tusk! So what joke are you going to finish on? Finish on a good one.

B: What do you get when an elephant sits on your friend?

J: A squashed friend?

B: A flat mate.

J: A flat mate. Okay.

B: Let’s just have one more, dude.

J: One more.

B: What do you get when you cross a chicken with a yo-yo? A bird that lays the same egg three times.

J: Oh that’s horrible, hahahaha.

B: Byeeeeee!

J: Bye. Are you going to sing your goodbye song?

B: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye-goodbye. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye-goodbye-goodbye. Goooodbyeeeeeah! Goodbye. Okay we’re done. Let’s listen. And by the way, bye.

J: Ha. What would you like for lunch, anyway? Would you like fish fingers?

B: And beans!

J: And beans.

B: And chips, if we’ve got any.

J: We haven’t got any chips, what about hash browns.

B: Ah, yeah.

20:55-21:02 [Music – Fastbeat]Right, last night was weird. For one thing I did two karate sessions instead of the usual one, so I was pretty knackered when I recorded the first half of this show. Then after various experiments with the microphone on the laptop I found that I’d have to use it on my PC because if I try to use it on the laptop I have to shout for it to pick anything up. And this isn’t much better. So I made my recording in the study while Alys was sitting in the living room watching TV. Then I couldn’t go to bed so my karate aches started coming on while I was still awake, which was rough. And I’m aching still today and Alys is staggering around going, ‘Why was that? Why was that? It seemed like such a good idea at the time.’ Then we had to go to school, as I said, to pick up the boy at midnight. So we left at 11.25 even though it only takes ten minutes to get to the school, because Alys insisted on being early in case they got there early. She’s about as paranoid as any mother can be.

So we were sitting in the school carpark at 11.35 last night. Alys said you can put the seat back and have a nap, which I did. Though a Ford Ka is quite small the seat goes right back and I did start to drop off. Except then every time I dropped off, she was saying things like, ‘Are you sure it was the school we were supposed to come to?’ Yes, I said and turned over. A few minutes later, ‘There’s no-one else here yet, are you sure you go the time right?’ Yes, midnight at the school. A few minutes later, ‘It’s five to twelve and there’s no-one here, I’m getting worried.’ They’ll be here, I said. Midnight came and went so she woke me up to ask me to phone one of the other mothers. She woke me up for that, when she could have phoned herself.

So anyway, I phoned and said ‘it was the school wasn’t it, that we’re meant to meet the coach?’ and she said, yes but you do know that it’s 12.45 now not midnight. What? 12.45, didn’t they call you? No. Oh, I got a call about half an hour ago to say they were delayed and we’re meant to meet them at 12.45. Well, we would have got the call if we were still home but half an hour ago we were already here sitting in the carpark.

23:15 So I told Alys this and went back to sleep. Then not long after that other people started to arrive, and they all stood round talking and putting their headlights on. Then suddenly the boys arrived and I had to get the seat up and go home. Woke up this morning with the dog barking at the postman who’d brought yet another parcel for Alys, she keeps in business, I’m telling you. Waited for the boy to wake up because amazingly considering how loud Mika is, he slept through it. Both of us very groggy this morning, but we still managed to have some fun. Took Mika out, played some word games, told each other jokes. I recorded some of that, but I’ve got to persuade Alys that I can podcast it so I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to include it in the show. She’s quite protective, doesn’t want me to mention his name or his school or put any photos of him online. Which is fair enough, he’s only eight. But he really is a little star and I think he deserves to be listened to. I’ve told him when he’s famous this podcast will be worth a mint.I made him fish fingers for lunch. He was feeling kind of weird, so was I. Now fish fingers are a real problem for me. I always seem to burn them. Take my eyes off them for a few seconds to make a cup of tea and when I turn back they’re all black and crunched up. So I stood there carefully turning them over and watching them as they fried, then I put them on a plate for him. He ate them listlessly and then we piled into the car to go to school.
24:42 On the way, he asked me ‘have you ever worked as a chef?’ I said no I hadn’t, thinking that’s a funny question to ask, though he knows that Alys used to be a chef. He said, but you worked in a chip shop – and I said, yes I did but that was serving the food and cutting up chips, I never did any cooking. He said, I think you’d be good on Masterchef. Why? I said, flabbergasted. Alys watches Masterchef, she loves it but I’m not really into it or any other reality TV thing really. He said because you’re a good cook. So I laughed and said what because I cooked you fish fingers for lunch. He said, yes, although they were a bit cold in parts. What? I said, what do you mean they were cold, you mean they weren’t cooked properly! No just they were a bit cold, well one of them was frozen. Oh my god! I said you should have said and I’d have put them back in the frying pan. What kind of mother am I that can’t even cook fish fingers? I can’t believe he ate them when they were still frozen.Then I started getting paranoid thinking he’s going to tell Alys I gave him still-frozen fish fingers for lunch and she’s never going to trust me again to cook for him. She barely trusts me as it is, telling me what to give him for breakfast and phoning up to say remember to take the violin to school and whatever. Then I was thinking, was he being sarcastic saying I should be on Masterchef? He’s just started getting the hang of sarcasm, but that was a bit sophisticated even for a genius child prodigy like him. Oh god oh god. I do my best to be a brilliant mother, making up for the fact that I didn’t actually lug him around inside me for nine months. I could have gone to bed last night! I didn’t have to come with Alys to pick him up, but I did because I do. I take him to school and to concerts and watch him singing at the weekend, I’m the mum’s taxi service. I do all this stuff for him and manage to fit it in between full-time work and an ever-increasing internet habit. Then I go and do something ridiculously crap-mother like feeding him half-cooked fish bloody fingers. Now I’m a complete failure as a mother. Thank god he’s got two and I’m not the only one or he’d be in a poor state indeed.
26:48-26:55 [Music Fastbeat]By now, I’ve probably lost a few listeners. I’m sure I have. There will be some people who’ve found this site by searching for ‘lesbian’, maybe even the proximity of the word lesbian and the phrase fish fingers attracted them. So they plugged in and eagerly listened to the first twenty minutes waiting for it to get exciting for them. Well I’m not sorry if I disappointed them because they are not the sort of listeners I want. Call me a snob if you like but I’d rather not have my show listened to by people expecting to hear some sexy sound effects and nothing else. If that’s the only reason you’re listening, then you’re in the wrong place.

You might think I’m sexy, and that’s okay, some of my jokes are a bit raunchy, but my intention with this podcast is to entertain and inform, but not make any big deal out of being gay. Not because I’m embarrassed or in the closet by any means, not because I think that there isn’t a place for shouting out about being gay because there is, and I might do a bit of that if there’s something that makes me particularly angry, but I’m also going to be shouting about political issues that have got nothing to do with being gay. For instance the war in Iraq; Tony Blair so far up George Bush’s arse that he can taste the cigars and brandy. Other things to be angry about: Female genital mutilation, forced marriages and so-called ‘honour killings’. These are things that I’m really angry about and so should you be because they effect us all, not just women, not just people from what we call ‘other cultures’, but the whole world. A certain z-list celebrity who cried in court when she was sent to prison for repeated speeding offences getting more media coverage than a young woman who was viciously murdered and her body dumped in a park, that makes me angry. That makes me angry. There are some things that make me so angry that I might not have to use the microphone so that you can hear me over there in the States.

28:49 The point is that I’m fed up of being seen as one dimensional. I’m fed up of people seeing me as a lesbian and thinking that this is all I am. There is so much more to me, and though my sexuality does have an impact on a lot of areas of my life, it is not the only special or important thing about me. In fact I don’t see it as special or important at all, just as ordinary as any other ordinary aspect of my daily life.Because, people, and here is the big secret revealed: there is nothing special about being a lesbian. I am not saying that I’m not special because I think I am. I am intelligent and talented, charismatic, loveable, dynamic, hard working and loads of other positive adjectives. But I am all of these things by being me, not by being gay. It bugs the hell out of me that simply by being a lesbian, a person suddenly becomes much more interesting to other people. Why? Is your life that boring?

And another thing: straight women say to me ‘it must be so great being a lesbian because you won’t get treated like crap by your partner’. And I’m like, excuse me? Hello? Do you live in the real world? Have you never had a female friend who turned out to be a bitch? have you ever told someone your secrets and then found that she went behind your back telling everyone else, and laughing about you? Have you been friends with someone who was constantly putting you down, or insulting you pretending it was a joke? Have you been friends with someone who kept getting drunk and embarrassing you? So if this happens with straight women, what makes you think that it isn’t going to happen with lesbians? I’m not saying that all lesbians are like this any more than I’m saying that all straight women are, just that we have more than our fair share of nasty bitches thank-you and we don’t need any more.

30:32 Then someone said to me once, ‘it must be great being a lesbian because your partner is your best friend’ which is another one of those ‘I’m trying to be non-prejudiced but actually showing how ignorant I am’ assumptions. I have various answers to this one: number one, yes my partner is my best friend, we were best friends for years before we got together, but this isn’t because we’re lesbians but because this is what our relationship is like. It’s just like that. In previous relationships my partners have not been my best friends and it is certainly not a given, from what I’ve seen with my other friends and their lovers. Number two, this is really sad because you might expect a straight relationship to be like that, you might say a man and wife should be best friends. But obviously not all relationships between men and women are like that or else the person wouldn’t have made that point. Number three, actually sometimes it’s quite difficult to have your partner be your best friend because what happens if you have a row? You’ve got no-one to turn to except the person you’re angry with. This can make you feel isolated.So, okay, I’ve gone on a bit again, and I’ve no doubt that I’ll return to this subject in future shows. But for now I’m going to leave it because I’m trying to keep this show to half an hour.

My next show I was thinking I might have another show in about three weeks’ time. I’m not sure that I’m going to be that regular. It’s just going to be I’ll do a show when I’ve got enough things to have to say to do a show. So sometimes it might be once a week, sometimes it might be once every three weeks. And obviously, you know, you’ll just have to get used to that. Sorry and all that, but this isn’t a radio. Anyway, hopefully before Paris I’ll do another show. And I’ll put out a bulletin… Ah this is before Paris, before I go to Paris, not before anything to do with [celebrity name edited out] I am not talking about [celebrity name edited out] in this podcast at all. I didn’t even mention her name just then.

So Paris, in France, where I’m going on holiday. So I’m going to hopefully put out another show before then. And I will include some interviews with people so it won’t just be me that’s talking and my dog barking etc. Um, well I hope I’ll include some interviews anyway, we’ll see how it goes. And now I’ve just completely diverted away from the script as you can probably tell because I’m changing the subject all over the place. So it’s time to wind up the show.

33:03-33:58 [Music Clubsound]I’d just like to say a gigantic thank-you to Sandi who does The Lesbian Mafia Show for all her advice and encouragement over the last few months while I’ve been trying to get this show podded and cast. You should go and listen to her show, it’s far superior to mine and very funny. She’s at myspace, all one word. Don’t go to thelesbianmafia without the show bit because you’ll get this group of teenagers who are cute but they’re not Sandi.

There is also another site I’d like to mention. That’s YourKindaTV at They’re the people who’ve been broadcasting some of my writing. It’s a really great innovative site, and I’d encourage anyone to have a look. Especially look at Layla, because she’s sexy. Plus it’s great to be on the TV, isn’t it?

And for me, if you want to see my blog, check out, that’s where I hang out. Or my website with links to all my other projects and more is So come on over to myspace, hey you we’re having a party. Etc. I said I wouldn’t sing, didn’t I? Well, I lied. That’s just another bad habit of mine, sometimes I break into song for no apparent reason. Promise I’ll try not to do it too often. My boy is getting me out of the habit, because he puts his hands over his ears and gets all embarrassed. Well you would, wouldn’t you? If you were a professional and your mother couldn’t string two notes together.

So goodbye, goodbye, time to go adieu. See you next time. Bye-bye.

35:48-35:55 [Claps, cheers]

Copyright Statement
The show, the script, the logos, the name Casting Pods, my voice, my dog barking and everything else on this show is copyright to me, Josie Henley-Einion. If anyone steals this material to make a profit for themselves then very bad things will happen to them, very bad indeed.

If you want to use an extract of my podcast, either the recording or the script, please contact me first (with the exception of language tutors, see the website, for information for language tutors). If you want to interview me about my podcast, or include any of my material in your own show please CONTACT ME to get my permission. If you don’t and I find that you have thieved my hard work by stealth and skulduggery, or open and blatant flouting of the law, then you will regret this for the rest of your sorry little thieving life.Thank-you for listening.


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