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July 7, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 16 Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, London

Casting Pods Show 16

Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, London (click to listen)

29.38 mins – uploaded 20/07/08

This show covers the event at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park which involved myself and Jae Watson, another Legend Press author. I travelled to London to take part in this which was part of the London Lit Plus festival. This was the first time I had held my novel, Silence, in my hands, as I am given a review copy. There is my reaction to the book, discussion of the cover image and setting up the videoing of our speeches. Then you have my speech, including extracts, and then Jae’s speech.

At the end I go home and show my book to my partner Alys, and get an emotional reaction. I am now a week away from the publication date and plan to record the launch, which will be in Cardiff Waterstone’s. Silence is Waterstone’s Welsh Book of the Month for August so it is a very busy and exciting time for me.

Writing, publishing, books, fiction, London, Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner, Lit Plus, festival, novel, Silence


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