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October 28, 2010 / castingpods99

Casting Pods Show 22 Inside the Circle: Stonehenge Pagan Pilgrimage

Casting Pods Show 22

Inside the Circle: Stonehenge Pagan Pilgrimage

(click to listen)

63.35 mins – uploaded 28/10/10

This is the recording of our trip to Stonehenge at Lamas 2010, where we go inside the circle – a rare treat! This was a special booking as generally people aren’t allowed inside the circle of stones. We discuss the history and significance of Stonehenge to modern pagans and archaeologists, and I get up close and personal with the stones, describing their features with some surprises. It’s been 20 years since I was last inside the circle and the site has changed considerably.

I spent some time sketching and knitting while inside the circle. An hour is a long time! I also talk about the magical blanket I was knitting at the time and my latest knitting (socks again). View the reversible blanket project on ravelry (public link). I also mention Stash Fine Yarns so thought it a good idea to post a link to this discount yarn online shop here.

Check out the public facebook photo album of the stones, but please remember these are not for commercial use and are for private use only. If you want to download a pic for your own pleasure then you are quite welcome but please do let me know.


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