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About Casting Pods

This blog is specifically for posting the show notes (and some transcripts) for the podcast Casting Pods. This is the podcast created and edited by Josie Henley-Einion. I also have a more general blog and website at

Casting Pods is podcasting on the edge. Well, close to the corner, or maybe a bit round the bend. Anyway, it’s me, Josie, talking about my life and stuff, playing my music and laughing with my son, my dog and taking the pee out of everything. I’m a blog-o-maniac, an internet freak and also some other rather ordinary things. If you’re a mother, a cat-owner, a dog-owner, a lesbian, a writer, a reader, an artist, a knitter or other crafter, a TV watcher, a geek, a joker or anyone with a pulse, then there’ll be something in my show for you. So come along and have a listen. An audio blog which leads to a publishing contract. Some of the episodes have explicit content. Note, although I have added ‘knitting’ to the title of the podcast, I have only been talking about knitting since around episode 18, although I’ve been knitting since I was tiny. So if you’re looking particularly for knitting content, no need to listen to the archive, but if you want some interesting and literary content to listen to *while* you’re knitting then go ahead and download the archive!

Copyright Statement
The show, the script, the logos, the name Casting Pods, my voice, my dog barking and everything else on this show is copyright to me, Josie Henley-Einion. If anyone steals this material to make a profit for themselves then very bad things will happen to them, very bad indeed.

If you want to use an extract of my podcast, either the recording or the script, please contact me first (with the exception of language tutors, see below). If you want to interview me about my podcast, or include any of my material in your own show please CONTACT ME to get my permission. If you don’t and I find that you have thieved my hard work by stealth and skulduggery, or open and blatant flouting of the law, then you will regret this for the rest of your sorry little thieving life.

Why am I putting the transcript for my show here?
This is primarily to enable search engines to pick up my topics. Maybe I can reach more people, including those that don’t have sound cards or the bandwidth to listen to the podcast. Also, as I was planning to start a Welsh language podcast, which may be of benefit to Welsh learners, I decided that I would put the transcript for that show online.

Then I thought why the hell not put the transcript for this show online? Because that might be of benefit to adult learners of English. Many native English speakers don’t consider learners, but as I’ve studied linguistics and I’m fascinated by the process of language learning, plus I’m also interested in online learning, this is something that is at the forefront of my mind. So in the great spirit of caring and sharing in the weborama that is our world, I have decided to give free access to this language resource to anyone who is interested.

A note to tutors
I am happy for tutors to use an extract of my podcast in their teaching, and to direct their students to these pages, on a non-profit basis, without first contacting me. But please note the copyright statement above and please credit me in any extracts you use.
contact me. I will do my best to answer all queries, but please note that I am doing this voluntarily and from my own goodwill. I hope to expand this into a larger language project and encourage other podcasters to do the same.

My English use is correct but colloquial, I have a generic Midlands accent, not too broad, and I try not to mumble. I also have done my best to keep the sound quality of this podcast as clear as possible. Parts of the show are scripted and parts are ‘ad lib’ or natural conversations and as such there will be fractured sentences and mistakes in grammar. These are complementary to absolutely correct examples from textbooks and language teaching plans. I offer this as an example of natural language use in the same way that a documentary or news programme might be used in the classroom.

Whereas I try extremely hard not to use swearwords or say anything that I wouldn’t want my adolescent son to accidentally overhear, I would not recommend using this as a resource for children learning English. This is only because some of the concepts and references in the broadcast may be too complex for them to understand, if they are already trying to understand my use of English. The episodes that contain explicit language and content are noted as ‘explicit’, and others may or may not be considered offensive depending on how you feel about the mere existence of a lesbian human person.

If there is anything that you are not sure of, and don’t understand, please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at


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